Revolutionising asset visibility and change


Ask and you shall receive

Need information about your assets and their surrounds? Build and manage audits to your entire asset network and retain this information for future reference. Reduce your reliance on audits.

Not sure? Just ask

Publish an audit for all or some of your assets and receive information quickly — photos, measurements, barcodes, text answers, numeric answers and more.

Easy information capture

Using the AssetOwl app, your team members or suppliers will see your audits, answer your questions, take photos, scan barcodes or take measurements and pin them to a location on the floor plan.

Monitor progress

Managing mass audits is easy. Track auditor progress and answers as they come in. Then analyse the results or export them to your favourite tool.


Locate and visualise every asset

Effortlessly access and navigate a floor plan at the office or on-site. View a photos or a panoramic virtual tour of the interior, exterior and back-of-house in incredible detail. Easily access asset details including history.

Find what you need

Search for assets to find exactly what you're looking for and see information and documents in context.

Incredible detail

High-resolution photography lets you clearly see your assets and condition.

Quickly compare

Audit asset changes by comparing plans, project outcome photos and recent asset photos.